Data visualisation course assignment

As part of Alberto Cairo’s data visualisation course, we’ve been asked to take a look at this graphic of social media use in selected countries and see how it can be improved. What struck me most (although this probably would not surprise social media experts) is the high level of activity in emerging economies. Above is my reinterpretation of the data. As a general indicator of social media use, I calculated the average of the listed types of social media use (upload photos; upload videos; manage profile; blogging; microblogging). Note that the data are from 2009.



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I had done something similar, although without averaging the services. You made me realize that I had made a mistake in my data. My conclusion is similar to yours, also showing how China lags in management of social network profiles. In the discussion forums, a student from Hong Kong made interesting observations on this.

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Thanks for pointing me to that discussion - as well as your own graph!