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Trade union growth

5 December 2021 - Dutch trade unions enjoy broad support among workers, but the share of employees who are members of a trade union is decreasing. This hasn’t always been the case, of course. In this article I’ll explore trade union growth.

Logos of rider unions

28 October 2018 - A nice map circulating on Twitter (here, here and here, via) shows where food delivery workers are organising. Many of their logos proudly feature bicycle parts. The Finland-based Foodora campaign is the exception; their logo appears to have been inspired by Alexander Rodchenko’s КНИГИ poster. Also note the elegant logo of Collectif des coursier-e-s / KoersKollectief.

Are trade unions important? Depends on who you ask

12 November 2017 - A majority of Dutch employees think trade unions are important or even very important, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reported. But there are exceptions. For example, very few general managers think trade unions are important. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

In 1960, 29 Dutch MPs had a trade union background. Today, nine

21 August 2016 - After the Second World War, almost one in five members of the Dutch Lower House had a trade union background (in 1956, the Lower House expanded from 100 to 150 members). Then change set in. In 1960 there were 29 MPs with a trade union background; today nine. The largest decline was between 1960 and 1980.

Assignment 2-4

27 April 2016 - In previous assignments I’ve looked into the association between union membership and political participation among paid employees, using the Outlook On Life surveys dataset. I found that respondents who have a union member in their household are more likely to have engaged in political participation over the past 2 years. This was consistent with what I expected on the basis of a study by Kerrissey and Schofer.