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Users versus programmers: lon,lat or lat,lon

26 July 2016 - Somebody at Mapbox wrote a blog post in which he makes the case that longitude should go first: almost all data formats (including Google’s KML) and all open source software (except Leaflet) use this order. Also, it’s the logical order if you include altitude (XYZ), he argues.

Amsterdam: Are cyclists’ complaints taken seriously

15 June 2015 - Cyclists’ organisation Fietsersbond has a website where you can report dangerous bollards, traffic lights that take ages to turn green, a shortage of bicycle racks, etcetera. A group of volunteers frequently check the status quo. For the good news click here: across the entire city, there are locations where the situation for cyclists appears to have improved.

Amsterdammers like old canal houses and dislike 1950s architecture

17 February 2015 - The research bureau of the Amsterdam city government (O+S) has published an Excel file containing a wealth of data about Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods. Among other things, it tells us how beautiful Amsterdammers think houses in their neighbourhood are. The average ratings are shown on the map below.

Map: How the fastfood workers’ fight just went global

16 May 2014 - In November 2012, fastfood workers in New York went on strike for decent wages. Since, the fight has spread rapidly in the US and on 15 May, it went global. There were actions in cities like Dublin, Mumbai, São Paulo, Bandung, Kagoshima and many others. Security workers at Amsterdam Airport, who had just had their own action for real jobs, also showed their support.

How to create a map with Qgis and data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

29 December 2013 - It took me a while to figure out how to create a map with Qgis and data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Here’s how I did it.

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