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Changing the Dutch electoral system

2 October 2020 - The Dutch government plans to change the way in which representatives, including Members of Parliament, are elected. The number of votes candidates get will play a larger role in deciding who gets elected. I’ll explore how this might impact candidates by gender, incumbency, and where they live.

Efforts to raise turnout in elections may increase turnout inequality

26 January 2014 - Just the other day I posted something about unequal voter turnout in Amsterdam (higher turnout in neoliberal-voting neighbourhoods; lower turnout in left-voting neighbourhoods). The conclusion would seem obvious: raise turnout, and election outcomes will likely become more representative of the preferences of Amsterdammers.

High turnout in liberal-voting neighbourhoods, low turnout in left-voting neighbourhoods

14 January 2014 - A ‘prominent civil servant with a social-democrat background’ gets to hand out 400,000 euros in subsidies to turn out ethnic minorities to vote, the Telegraaf newspaper reported last week. «It’s not difficult to guess which parties will benefit the most from a turnout campaign among hard to reach groups of voters.»