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How much delay for cyclists is caused by traffic lights

8 January 2017 - The other day I posted an article on how much time cyclists lose at traffic lights in Amsterdam. Someone asked if I can calculate what percentage of total time lost by cyclists is caused by traffic lights. Keep in mind that delays can be caused by traffic lights, but also by crossings without traffic lights, crowded routes and road surface.

Exploring traffic lights with location data from cyclists’ phones

22 December 2016 - In 2006, Amsterdammers voted Frederiksplein the location with the most irritating traffic light. Now, ten years later, data from the Fietstelweek (Bicycle Counting Week) offer a unique opportunity to map how much time cyclists lose at traffic lights.

Amsterdam has room for another 2.1 million bicycle racks

20 June 2016 - Amsterdam has a persistent shortage of bicycle racks. Bicycle professor Marco te Brömmelstroet argues that this is really a matter of making choices: the space occupied by four parked cars could easily accommodate 30 bicycle racks.

Strava wants my commute data

9 May 2016 - Dutch tv recently aired a fascinating documentary on the «smart city» phenomenon. Companies like Google are teaming up with local governments to further expand their already huge datasets on human behaviour, raising the spectre of total control and absence of privacy (someone used the word panoptical).

Rijwiel, fiets or machine: Dutch words for bicycle

3 July 2015 - The Dutch call their bicycles fiets and sometimes rijwiel, but in the past they also used the word machine, which has a nice futuristic ring to it.

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