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After the voter revolt: Collaboration in the Amsterdam city council

7 October 2018 - The city council election on 21 March 2018 saw a bit of a voter revolt. The election outcome reflects Amsterdam’s social divide. As a result, the composition of the city council changed considerably. So how are the established parties and the new parties getting along?

Trust instead of algorithms

16 September 2018 - Various Dutch cities use algorithms to identify potential welfare fraud suspects. Amsterdam doesn’t use such methods: «The city government thinks it’s very important that the use of data mining and algorithms doesn’t have a negative impact on the privacy and the legal protection of citizens».

Scooter-free cycle tracks in Amsterdam

2 September 2018 - Amsterdam plans to ban scooters from most cycle tracks. Currently, cycle tracks are still used by the so-called snorfiets category which has a speed limit of 25km/h - although most ride (much) faster. The measure will make cycle tracks safer for cyclists, and it will also result in cleaner air on cycle tracks.

Alas! They don’t make the Joep bicycle anymore

13 August 2018 - I think the Joep bicycle - and the women’s version Ari - were launched in 2008. Joep Salden, owner of a bicycle shop in Utrecht, designed a minimalistic, functional bicycle, without any unnecessary accessories. The only concession was a bicycle bell. «You’ll need one; on this bicycle you’ll overtake anyone», Salden said when I bought my greyish green Joep in 2009.

Is tourist dispersion working? An analysis of Lonely Planet maps

5 August 2018 - For more than fifteen years, Amsterdam has been trying to convince tourists to visit areas outside the city centre. There is a concern that the inner city is approaching the limit of how many tourists it can handle.

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