About dirkmjk

I use this blog as a testing ground for projects about data, maps, charts and coding. All analyses on this website have an exploratory character. In my articles, I try to explain what methods and data I use and what limitations and uncertainties apply.

If an article raises questions or if you think it contains errors, please let me know

Using content

It’s allowed to use content from this website, provided you attribute the source and include a link to the original.


This website contains many charts and maps, which may not be readable for some. The article text and the caption of the chart or map will somewhat remedy this, but not entirely.

If you have suggestions for improving this website’s accessibility, please let me know.

Personal data

I use Matomo (Piwik), an open-source programme to analyse site visits. I use privacy-friendly settings: IP addresses are anonymised; no tracking cookies are used and logs are deleted after 90 days.

Dirk Kloosterboer