24 May 2020 - I counted how many articles articles with the term ‘crisis’ appeared in newspapers since the 19th century.

Trams, bicycles and city growth

1 March 2020 - Faster transportation made longer commutes possible, which meant cities could grow. But Amsterdam started to grow before tramways were electrified and bicycles became popular. What happened?

Amsterdam, evaluated by cyclists

18 January 2020 - With the Ping if you care programme, the city of Amsterdam has collected about thirty thousand reports from cyclists: for example about long waiting times at traffic lights or about fast cycling routes. I had the opportunity to do an exploratory analysis for cyclists’ organisation Fietsersbond.

Delete Facebook

31 December 2019 - At the end of every year, when it’s time for New Year’s resolutions, people seek help to quit smoking - but even more people try to figure out how to delete their Facebook account.

New urls

1 October 2019 - I’ve made some technical changes to my website. A practical consequence is that urls have changed. The old urls should be redirected to the new ones, but if you run into something that doesn’t work, I’d appreciate it if you let me know!