Delete Facebook

7 January 2024

As per tradition, here’s another Google search volume chart suggesting that people not only make New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking, but also to delete Facebook. This time, I’ve also included a line for people searching how to delete Twitter (as yet, few people seem to search for ‘delete X’).

Search volume for "delete facebook", "delete twitter" and "quit smoking"
Every year around New Year, there’s a spike in google searches for ‘quit smoking’, but an even bigger spike in searches for ‘delete facebook’. Vertical dotted lines show 1 January. Data from Google Trends, chart

If search volume is any indicator, the Mother Jones article headlined «Is Dumping Twitter Your New Year’s Resolution?» (article, discussion) hasn’t had much of an impact. However, there have been a few peaks in people searching how to delete Twitter in 2022 (likely connected to the Musk takeover) and at the start of 2021 (perhaps connected to Trump controversy).

As always, remember that Google Trends data can be unstable and is best taken with a grain of salt.

7 January 2024 | Categories: data, privacy