Decline in cycling in the Netherlands?

Using new data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS), cycling expertise centre Fietsberaad reports that cycling has declined in the Netherlands over the past three years, both in terms of the distance traveled and the number of trips per person per day. The chart to the left is from their website.

Fietsberaad does warn against reading too much into this: there have been changes in how the data are collected and analysed, and the weather may have caused short-term fluctuations in cycling (meteorological institute KNMI reports that there were 46 days with minimum temperatures below 0°C in 2011; 50 in 2012 and 64 in 2013). Keeping all this in mind, it’s still interesting to note that the same period saw an increase in cycling in the four largest cities.

Be that as it may, the chart created by Fietsberaad does look worrisome. But what does it actually show? There are no values on the y-axis. Does the y-axis even start at zero? Apparently it doesn't, for otherwise the chart would have looked more like the one below. Which looks slightly less dramatic.