Search Facebook by date

Henk van Ess and Daniel Endresz have created a tool to search Facebook by date or date range. The tool creates a url containing the search criteria (as with Facebook Graph). It uses Javascript to generate the search urls. For example, this is how the date range url is generated:

function generate_url_timerange() {

var keyword = $('#input-timerange-keyword').val();

var day1 = $('#select-timerange-day1').val();
var month1 = $('#select-timerange-month1').val();
var year1 = $('#select-timerange-year1').val();

var day2 = $('#select-timerange-day2').val();
var month2 = $('#select-timerange-month2').val();
var year2 = $('#select-timerange-year2').val();

var url = ''+keyword+'/stories-keyword/'+day1+'/'+month1+'/'+year1+'/date-3/'+day2+'/'+month2+'/'+year2+'/date-3/stories-2/intersect'

$('#btn-search-timerange').attr('href', url);

The tool has been published with an open source license. The creators indicate that they «respect your privacy and the cases you are working on, so we are not storing any searches you will make» - which is nice, even if it would seem to be of little consequence since you need to be logged into Facebook to use the tool.

13 March 2018 | Categories: data, javascript, privacy