Delete Facebook

7 January 2024 - As per tradition, I’ve created another Google search volume chart suggesting that people not only make New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking, but also to delete Facebook. This time, I’ve also included a line for people searching how to delete Twitter (as yet, few people seem to search for ‘delete X’).

Reducing car ownership in Amsterdam

26 August 2023 - Amsterdam wants to reduce the number of cars, and create more space for pedestrians, cyclists, playing children and green areas. It seems likely that car ownership will decrease as a result of the measures it is taking, but perhaps not very fast.

Selecting neighbourhoods for surveillance

3 January 2023 - A number of Dutch municipalities target specific neighbourhoods for surveillance, which may include house searches. An analysis shows that targeted municipalities tend to be among the poorest neighbourhoods in the municipality they were selected from, and among the neighbourhoods with the highest share of people with a non-western background.

Neighbourhood criteriums in Amsterdam

26 September 2022 - After a pause due to covid, criteriums are once again being organised in a number of Amsterdam neighbourhoods. These events are rooted in an old tradition: around 1950, dozens of neighbourhoods in Amsterdam had their own criterium or ‘wielerronde’.

How to analyse Garmin or Strava activities using Python

3 August 2022 - With the Python bikeride package, you can analyse rides, runs or other activities that you’ve recorded with tools like Garmin or Strava. For example, show activities on a map, analyse the effect of crosswinds, or find your worst-weather rides.