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Traffic flow maps

19 May 2019 - A 1976 traffic study published by the city of Amsterdam contains beautiful traffic flow maps showing how cyclists and motorists use the city’s streets. A tweet alerted me to the fascinating history of traffic flow maps.

Logos of rider unions

28 October 2018 - A nice map circulating on Twitter (here, here and here, via) shows where food delivery workers are organising. Many of their logos proudly feature bicycle parts. The Finland-based Foodora campaign is the exception; their logo appears to have been inspired by Alexander Rodchenko’s КНИГИ poster. Also note the elegant logo of Collectif des coursier-e-s / KoersKollectief.

Facebook Like-button redesigned

22 May 2015 - By Young & United, the Dutch youth movement fighting against wage inequality. Young adult workers in the Netherlands may earn as little as half the adult minimum wage. Companies like McDonald’s and Ahold boost their profits by dozens of millions of euros using low-paid young adult workers, but Young & United are determined to put an end to this.