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Who played a leading role in the Twitter debate on the candidates for the presidency of the Dutch union confederation FNV? The graph below shows the most retweeted persons and the ones who retweeted them. Blue circles reflect people who mentioned Heerts more often; red circles those who mentioned Van Brenk more often (twitterers who mentioned a candidate only once or who mentioned both candidates the same number of times have gotten a grey circle). Of course, if a twitterer has mentioned one of the candidates more often, this doesn’t necessarily imply support for that candidate. Arrows point to the person who was retweeted by a twitterer. The most retweeted persons in this debate are @wijwillenton, Corrie van Brenk, Sven Kockelmann, Jan Berghuis en Ineke van Gent. It appears that the ‘blue side’ more often retweet influential twitterers, but if someone sees a different pattern I’d be interested.

Method: Information on how the tweets were collected and analysed can be found here; the code used to distill retweets from this is here. Thank you d3noob for the D3.js code for the graph. The graph may not work in older versions of Internet Explorer and works best in Chrome.